Dear Mothers… Post 1 of 2

Writers block struggle bus! For like months.. As Mother’s Day approaches it seemed to be just the right subject to get me going again. So let’s begin! 1 of 2 Mother’s Day Post.

Dear Mothers,

Whether you’re a First Time Mom, Mother of 5, Step mom/Bonus Mom, Foster Mom, Single Mom, Mother of special needs, the list goes on, I want you to know, You’re amazing.

Doesn’t matter if that baby was formula fed or breast fed, doesn’t matter if your child slept in his own bed or co-slept last night, or even slept at all!  We all have one thing in common. We LOVE those little monsters. I’m sure most mom’s would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure our little humans have an amazing life.

Mothers are such a gift. The amount of selflessness that pours out of their bodies and put every ounce of energy into making their kids lives great is love in the truest form. Surrounding a child with love and a safe environment goes a long way.

We don’t do it for the flowers or the positive Facebook attention. Let’s be real most days we have Mac n Cheese in our hair, bruises all over our legs from trying to get that much needed nap time they don’t believe they need, and naked toddlers running around the house with no idea how they even got their pants and diapers off. We go to bed exhausted from wrestling a mountain lion when it’s diaper changing time and clean up all the water off the bathroom floor from the Shamu reenactment Show that happens every night. 

People say they don’t know how we do it. Honestly we don’t know either.

We hide in our closets and escape to target with a nice Starbucks drink in hand, we have not so cute moments as mothers for sure!  We are drained and tired of the cute yet angry little humans that are teething, the dishes and laundry that never seem to end, but it doesn’t matter. All of the bad is erased when your little person wants to cuddle because they don’t feel good, when they want to make you laugh by blowing raspberries on your arm in hopes to make the biggest fart sound ever, or when they just want a hug, no reason needed.

The little moments are the big ones. We don’t resent them for the long 28 hours of labor or the sleepless first few weeks, what we remember is the first time that child was in our arms. The first time they recognized our voices, or wanted our kisses when they get hurt. If we have a cranky kid all day long we don’t remember that when they finally go to sleep, we look at their perfect sleeping faces. Mama’s see the good.

We are Mothers. No matter how that child came to us, we get up everyday with a full heart and endless love. Mother’s are Super heroes. To every mom putting on their cape every morning, providing a beautiful life their families, to every mom that has no idea how they will survive on the short two hours of sleep they got, and to the mom that will do EVERYTHING to make sure her child is loved, safe and cared for. You are the real MVP. Keep being amazing, those little humans will thank you for it someday.